about else

something else, by someone else, from somewhere else, and nothing else

something else
Within conditional computer programming 'else' represents the action(s) taken when an 'if' statement can find no affirmative or true information to act upon. Put simply, else is an alternative means to proceed when faced with uncertainty.

by someone else
Born in Wales, 1976, Ted Hunt solely founded else in 2016. else currently has no fulltime employees (Google: 57,100 employees as July 2015) and £0 revenue (Google: $74.54 billion revenue 2002 to 2015). To frame its ambitions as David versus Goliath would be no overstatement.

from somewhere else
else is a single individuals' attempt to provide an alternative to the default ideologies of Silicon Valley and its global successors. else was informally created in London through a series of ongoing and unofficial 'designer in residence' occupations of The British Museum, The Royal Academy of Arts, The Design Museum and various public libraries.

and nothing else
else attempt to invert or subvert the most negative default characteristics of domestic web search engines; stasis / bias / gameable / unaccountability / black box technologies / passive thinking / disrupted truth / extraction industry / filter bubbles.